Diamond Drilling In Concrete
 Ring Sawing & Chain Sawing

Ring Saw

Access Drilling's Ring Sawing solution can be used to cut a variety of Reinforced concrete walls and floors. Our ring saws have a maximum cutting depth of 265mm and are a hand-held hydraulic tool. The saws are powered either by Petrol-driven or electrically-driven hydraulic power packs which gives it the flexibility to be used inside safely without the risk of poisonous fumes you tend to get with conventional disc saws.

Access Drilling's Ring saws are predominantly used to cut out doorways and windows through reinforced concrete and brickwork walls up to 265mm thick. As you can clearly see from the photos these machines are extremely versatile and can be used in confined spaces, as well as inside, due to fact that there are no fumes emitted from the equipment. Our Ring Saw process is low-noise and vibration-free, and because Access operates this as a wet process, it is virtually dust free & causes absolutely minimal disruption to others.

Ideal for: 

  • Cutting Windows and Doorways in main structural fabric of buildings
  • Reducing Precast Manhole rings to correct invert levels. 
  • Creating openings in reinforced concrete floors where access is restricted (ie Riser Cupboards)
  • Cutting or Widening Expansion Joints
  • Removal of existing overhangs and soffits
  • Cutting/Extending existing openings in floors where access is restricted 

Chain Saw

Access Drilling's Chain saw cutting solution is hydraulic and powered by the same hydraulic power packs as our Ring Saws. Our Chain Saws can safely cut reinforced concrete or brickwork walls and this solution is ideal for cutting stone walls up to 1 Metre thick.

The depth of our Chain Saw cuts can be varied by the length of the bar and chain attached, offering our client's variances from 300mm up to 700mm in depth. Our Chain Saws can be applied to similar work & jobs as the Ring Saw.

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