Diamond Drilling In Concrete
 Work carried out using Wire Saw


As part of decommissioning and demolition of an redundant sewerage works on the edge of the Peak District National Park we were asked if there was any way of removing the top 1.2 Metres from 100 Metres of retaining wall to reduce it’s “visual impact”, it seemed straight forward! However, the challenge on this job lay in the fact & problem of being next to a river which was not to be contaminated with slurry from the cutting process and also being next to a busy road in a beauty spot no slurry was allowed to break through the face of the wall which could stain any remaining masonary which could be visible once the work was complete.

The solution lay in using our Braun WS12 hydraulic Track saw which has the capacity to carry a 1200mm diameter blade, although for this work a 750mm diameter blade was fitted which was ideal as the wall was 325mm thick and the cutting depth of the blade was 310mm leaving a 15mm barrier to defend the river. The wall was cut into 4 Metre long sections so they could be removed easily and crushed on site, once a section was removed the thickness of the wall was checked for a consistent depth to assure our client & ourselves that nothing would flow into the river.

The work was carried out in accordance with a strict time plan, with our experience and dedication having the work completed in 5 days - well ahead of schedule without any contamination to the river or the remaining wall. Result!


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