Diamond Drilling In Concrete
 Work carried out using Wire Saw


There were 4 water tanks with 3 hoppers in each, through which an 800mm pipe was to be laid below the floor level of all 4 tanks where the hoppers were. Therefore the angle walls of each hopper were to be removed, as the hopper walls were 300mm thick at the top increasing to 1.8 Metres at the invert level the only feasible method of performing the work was to wire saw it. The walls were on a 60 degree angle so our stitch drilling solution was not an option as the work was to be carried out during a shut down so it had to be done quickly. 
Holes were drilled through the bottom corner of each hopper wall, through which the wire is then threaded and attached to the machine and pulleys. We made 3 cuts to each hopper which then left them free to be lifted out using a crane, with each piece weighing around 2.25 Tonnes  but leaving a neat flush cut ready for installing the pipework. 
All the work was carried out as scheduled and finished on time! 


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